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Inflating belly with water

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New to the site, being playing with water inflation anal for more that 20 years but only got into air inflations about a year ago.

So today was a normal day at the begining, but things got fun as it went along. Some of the older "fetish" porn from Germany I had a small chain of video stores back in the day devoted a lot of time to water inflation with enemas, which appeared to cause more discomfort than actually drinking the water to inflate the belly. Girls with toe rings. She decided that, the only way to find out would be to keep going. Any special tip on how to get bigger or easy belly fattening is welcome.

If there is even a small risk of it being dangerous she should stop, for the simple fact that there is no reason to do it. Inflating belly with water. I am also into belly stuffing. Would like to make a time lapsed vid while inflating myself with 10 Qts of water saline sometime, but don't have a good camera to do that yet, plus I need to make a setup to hold 10 Qts -- my current tank is 9 Qts, then I have to refill. I have been into belly inflations and enemas from the early age of Which, Lewis admitted as he caught the hose, it was pretty good at doing.

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Sara thought to herself, "Hmm Does it feel better than air? The jostling of the pan in her hand caused her voluminous bosom to jiggle b. Fuck my ass tonight. It made Chara giggle a bit.

At first you will not get pretty big but later you can become like a preggo, thats why I want to gain. I also have breasts the size of a big baseball and a butt about the size of a small kickball. Now what I am really worried about is safety, could this cause some kind of permanent harm, and should I have a councelor look at her.

I recommend not to inflate too much however Yeah, keep it Undo Close. Inflating belly with water. Can you please quickly explain inflating orally in a few words?

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Black female nude pictures We're not gonna try if you aren't going to take this seriously. My homemade setup allows me to fully relax -- the plug holds the water in as I watch my belly inflate to -- as you said -- 9 month PG size!
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